Press on Brucius for etching tattoos, blackwork and engraving




Recently, I had the great pleasure of working with Brücius on my first tattoo, a highly-detailed scientific illustration of a forest cobra. I had originally come up with an idea for the piece three years ago, but had held off in actually getting it done because I was afraid that I would be unable to find anyone who could do such an incredibly precise piece and capture the spirit of what I was going for. Then I met Brücius, manager of black and blue tattoo.

Brücius was at least as excited about the piece as I was, and quickly set my mind at ease that I had found the right man for the job. He told me that we would work together to create exactly the piece I was envisioning and fit it to the lines of my body, and that we wouldn’t begin tattooing until I was 100% happy with the design. Brucius spent countless hours going over the design with me, ensuring that each scale was exactly where it should be on the actual snake, finding the perfect placement of the snake on my body, and lending his wealth of knowledge, talent, and experience to make the snake I had thought about for three years look better than I could have ever imagined.

When the actual tattooing process began, I felt completely at ease despite the fact that this was my first piece and was something I wanted done in a very particular way - I grew to trust so much in Brucius’ abilities that I knew whatever his artists’ eye picked up on for the piece would look as good as it possibly could be. He is even more of a perfectionist than I am about details and it translated to a phenomenal custom tattoo.

Brücius is patient, kind, and truly a master of his trade; I have never seen such an incredible tattoo and could not be any happier than I am today with his work. Right before we began the inking process, Brucius told me he had spoken with other artists who said that the detailed piece we were attempting would be impossible to achieve without the real snake there for reference...then he told me that he likes a challenge and made the snake look more incredible than I could have ever imagined. So if impossible is what you strive to ahieve, look no further than Brucius- he will bring it to life in spectacular fashion.”


”I got my first tattoo from Brücius, and he is a superb tattoo artist. Brücius was eager to help me with my tattoo design, and he listened to all of my developing ideas patiently. Then, he synthesized my sketches into a tattoo design that we were both excited about. After making sure I was comfortable and had everything that I needed, he talked me through the process step-by-step. I felt my nervousness slip away as we talked about my pain tolerance levels and he explained the tattoo process.

Brücius positioned and adjusted the stencil with a lot of care; his keen eye wouldn’t settle for anything short of perfect. This is when my anxiety turned into eagerness. Brücius was really friendly and a great listener the whole time that he was inking me.

The hours flew by, and when I got up, I couldn’t believe how late it was. I thought that my tattoo was as good as it could get, but Brücius continued to touch up and finish the tattoo with a high-standard for detail. My friends have been complimenting me on my tattoo a lot and asking, ‘Where did you get that? Who did it?’

I am really proud of my tattoo. Brücius is a tattoo artist who knows what he’s doing, and it shows. I highly recommend him.
— Joel V.

310 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94103